Purchasing Department

With a good implementation of J.I.T. (Just In Time) concept and strong negotiation skills, it works effectively in “Cost Saving” area and therefore, the management able to provide a reasonable selling price and high quality of Products to customers.

Sourcing Department

A highly experienced and knowledgeable sourcing team ensuring all materials or Products quality and specification meets customer expectation with guided by International AQL standard and requirements.

Sales & Marketing Department

Committed to provide creative, innovative ideas, create a mutually beneficial business opportunity and a long term business A dedicated and professional Sales & Marketing team always relationship with customers.

Logistic/Shipping Department

A team that always work with high alert on customer requested delivery to avoid our valuable customers for facing “Business Stop Page” situation.

QC/R&D Department

A well educated and trained team that ensure all incoming and out going goods/Product meets with all required specification.

AMAZE customers with beyond expectation “After Sales Services”.